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Search all biomedical databases provided by the National Center for Biotechnology Information (NCBI), an agency of the U.S. National Library of Medicine at the NIH There are many database resources for scientists at NIEHS To provide NIH stakeholders with quick and easy access to basic information on NIH programs, the NIH has created a single repository of reports, data, and analyses, along with several tools for searching this database The Dietary Supplement Label Database (DSLD) is intended to capture all information from the labels of products sold as dietary supplements in the United States. The manufacturer or distributor is responsible for this label information, and the Office of Dietary Supplements (ODS) does not check or verify that it conforms to U.S. Food and Drug Administration (FDA) regulations and legal.

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The database includes only single gene alterations (it does not include contiguous gene syndromes, although some conditions with, for example, digenic inheritance are included), and does not include genetic associations or susceptibility factors related to more complex diseases, such as identified through association-based studies To access the NIH Alumni Database, you will need an OITE account that correctly identifies you as an NIH Trainee/Fellow, NIH Staff, or NIH Alumnus/a. If you already have such an OITE account, please below. If you do not have an OITE account, registering is easy The NIH RePORTER search form is your gateway into NIH's free database of funded projects, investigators, publications, and patents. The single Quick Search field on the main RePORTER page accepts all sorts of information, e.g., the area of research, name of an investigator, or a specific organization Search NIH Clinical Research Studies The NIH maintains an online database of clinical research studies taking place at its Clinical Center, which is located on the NIH campus in Bethesda, Maryland. Studies are conducted by most of the institutes and centers across the NIH


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In the United States, a rare disease is defined as one that affects fewer than 200,000 people. The prevalence of a rare disease usually is an estimate and may change over time. Inclusion in GARD's list does not serve as official recognition by the NIH as a rare disease and should not be used to assume that a disease is rare Searchable online database of medical images, teaching cases and clinical topics, also provides free AMA Category 1 CME credits online

The database vendors copyright the Web-based database search pages. The database producers copyright the databases. Note: The National Library of Medicine(NLM), is part of the National Institutes of Health (NIH)

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  1. MeSH (Medical Subject Headings) is the NLM controlled vocabulary thesaurus used for indexing articles for PubMed
  2. Pillbox's data and images API is powerful tool for drug identification and reference. We're excited to give developers, data scientists and journalists, and others the ability to build medication-related applications and services using Pillbox
  3. NIH Consortium for Advancing Research on Botanical and Other Natural Products (CARBON) Program; Dietary Supplement Label Database (DSLD) Analytical Methods and Reference Materials (AMRM) Dietary Supplement Ingredient Database (DSID) Computer Access to Research on Dietary Supplements (CARDS) Database
  4. En database er strukturert samling av relaterte data, begrepet er vanligvis knyttet til elektroniske datasystemer.Et databasesystem skal kunne behandle store mengder data effektivt, motsetningsfritt og sikkert. Databasesystemet skal sikre at endringer og tilføyelser ikke fører til motsetninger eller feil, og skal kunne levere riktig informasjon effektivt til brukere og programvare
  5. Information on grants awarded by NIH may be searched by using the Research, Portfolio Online Reporting Tools (RePORT). RePORT provides access to reports, data, and analyses of NIH research activities, including information on NIH expenditures and the results of NIH-supported research
  6. The Interagency Pain Research Portfolio database provides information on pain research and training activities supported by the Federal Government. The participating agencies - AHRQ, CDC, DoD, FDA, NIH, and VA - are represented on the Interagency Pain Research Coordinating Committee (IPRCC), a Federal advisory committee to enhance pain research efforts and promote collaboration across the.
  7. PubChem is the world's largest collection of freely accessible chemical information. Search chemicals by name, molecular formula, structure, and other identifiers. Find chemical and physical properties, biological activities, safety and toxicity information, patents, literature citations and more

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The Genetic Association Database is a database of genetic association data from complex diseases and disorders. After serving the scientific community for more than 10 years, the Genetic Association Database (GAD) has been retired and all data is frozen as of 09/01/2014 The Clinical Trial Database (CTDB) can help you manage data collection by automating the processing and monitoring of data collection for research protocols. Through this user-friendly interface, the CTDB helps facilitate the creation of forms, questions and intervals, and provides a data entry component allowing for first- and second-key validation workflow NEWS: New NIH Policy on Data Management and Sharing. On October 29, 2020, NIH issued the NIH Policy for Data Management and Sharing which will require NIH funded researchers to prospectively submit a plan outlining how scientific data from their research will be managed and shared. This policy will be effective January 25, 2023 and at that time will replace the 2003 NIH Data Sharing Plan The DailyMed database contains 133913 labeling submitted to the Food and Drug Administration (FDA) by companies. DailyMed does not contain a complete listing of labeling for FDA-regulated products (e.g., labeling that is not submitted to the FDA) This free resource offers easy searching of experimental data characterizing antibody and T cell epitopes studied in humans, non-human primates, and other animal species. Epitopes involved in infectious disease, allergy, autoimmunity, and transplant are included.The database contains detailed information for more than 100,000 unique immune epitopes related to infectious and immune-mediated.

The National Institute of Mental Health Data Archive (NDA) is a collection of research data repositories including the NIMH Data Archive (), the Research Domain Criteria Database (RDoCdb), the National Database for Clinical Trials related to Mental Illness (NDCT), and the NIH Pediatric MRI Repository ().The NDA infrastructure was established initially to support autism research, but has grown. The NIH Library physical space is currently closed. Library staff are still ready to assist you with your information needs. See our online services, The professional version of the Human Gene Mutation Database (HGMD) provides up-to-date information on human inherited gene mutations Office for Human Research Protections (OHRP) Database for Registered IORGs & IRBs, Approved FWAs, and Documents Received in Last 60 Days Search OHRP Database for Registered IORGs and IRBs, Approved FWAs and for Documents Received by OHRP in the Last 60 day The Hazardous Substances Data Bank (HSDB) is a toxicology database that focuses on the toxicology of potentially hazardous chemicals. It provides information on human exposure, industrial hygiene, emergency handling procedures, environmental fate, regulatory requirements, nanomaterials, and related areas Welcome to the NIH Publications List web site. You can search for any NIH publication by using one or more of the search fields above. If you enter the publication title, or part of it, this tool will search the records and return information for the volume you seek


NIH Library librarians are your gateway to the vast array of NIH Library resources, services, and training. Learn More. Technology Hub. The NIH Library's Technology Hub, located on the first floor of the Library, Building 10, is a space where NIH staff can explore ways to incorporat Get the latest research information from NIH: ClinicalTrials.gov is a registry and results database of publicly and privately supported clinical studies of human participants conducted around the world. Explore 357,017 research studies in all 50 states and in 218 countries Information and resources from the National Center for Complementary and Integrative Health, U.S. National Institutes of Health (NIH)

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Inclusion on this list does not serve as official recognition by the NIH that a disease is rare. Some conditions that are not considered rare are on this list and are labeled accordingly. Read more about which diseases are included on the GARD website. 0-9; A B. The NIH Office of Intramural Research (OIR) is responsible for the development and implementation of NIH-wide projects and policies, as well as the oversight and coordination of intramural research, training, and technology transfer conducted within the laboratories and clinics of the National Institutes of Health NIH's Harvey J. Alter Wins Nobel Prize Dr. Harvey J. Alter, Scientist Emeritus at the NIH Clincial Center, won the 2020 Nobel Prize in Medicine, along with Dr. Michael Houghton and Dr. Charles M. Rice, for the discovery of the hepatitis C virus The Osteoarthritis Initiative (OAI) is a multi-center, ten-year observational study of men and women, sponsored by the National Institutes of Health (part of the Department of Health and Human Services) NIH Web Policies and Notices. For assistance, call the NIH IT Service Desk at 301-496-4357 (6-HELP) or 866-319-4357 (toll-free) Sign in. Smart Card Login. Insert your PIV card into your smart card reader or sign in using your mobile PIV-D credentials. Sign in. PIV-Exempt? Not.

FITBIR contains data records from studies funded by the DoD and NIH. This comprehensive data set includes demographics, outcome assessments, imaging and biomarkers. For more detailed information click the icon above FDA Substance Registration System - Unique Ingredient Identifier. Information available for 112,175 substances Users can also download molecule lists, citation lists and complete database content in extensible markup language (XML) and Biological Pathways Exchange (BioPAX) Level 2 format. The database is updated with new pathway content every month and supplemented by specially commissioned articles on the practical uses of other relevant online tools The NIH 3D Print Exchange provides models in formats that are readily compatible with 3D printers, and offers a unique set of tools to create and share 3D-printable models related to biomedical science. See All Recent Models

Open-i® and the Open i logo are service marks of U.S. Department of Health and Human Services The All of Us Research Program is a historic effort to gather data from one million or more people living in the United States to accelerate research and improve health. By taking into account individual differences in genes, environment, and lifestyle, researchers will uncover paths toward delivering precision medicine Calcium National Institutes of Health, Office of Dietary Supplements; Calendula Natural Medicines Comprehensive Database; Cancell/Cantron/Protocel (PDQ) National Cancer Institute Cannabidiol (CBD) Natural Medicines Comprehensive Database Capsicum Natural Medicines Comprehensive Database; Cartilage (Bovine and Shark) (PDQ) National Cancer Institute.

The Office of Dietary Supplements (ODS) at the National Institutes of Health (NIH) is pleased to announce that a new PubMed® subset, Dietary Supplements, is now available.It succeeds the International Bibliographic Information on Dietary Supplements (IBIDS) database which was a collaboration between the ODS and the U.S. Department of Agriculture National Agricultural Library Approximately 1,200 Principal Investigators (PIs) conduct biomedical or behavioral research within the Intramural Research Program (IRP). Although each Investigator is organizationally aligned with a particular Institute or Center, collaborations are not limited to the NIH campus, and many of our PIs work extensively with scientific colleagues both nationally and internationally NIH SBIR/STTR Award Data. RePORTER is a report expenditures and research tool that allows users to search a repository of NIH-funded research projects. To search for SBIR/STTR related projects, make sure you set the funding mechanism under Project Details to SBIR/STTR grants and/or contracts Functional Annotation: Gene-annotation enrichment analysis, functional annotation clustering , BioCarta & KEGG pathway mapping, gene-disease association, homologue match, ID translation, literature match and more Gene Functional Classification Provide a rapid means to reduce large lists of genes into functionally related groups of genes to help unravel the biological content captured by high. Searchable database of papilloma genomes with visualization and analysis tools

Database itu merupakan kumpulan informasi yang disusun dengan cara tertentu. Data tersebut dapat menghasilkan informasi yang berguna. Dalam pembuatan database ada yang disebut relationship. Relationship merupakan diagram yang menyatakan hubungan antara satu field dalam suatu tabel dengan field dalam tabel lain berdasarkan kata kunci tertentu Subject Terms: Health Data Standards , Medical Informatics , Terminologies Filters: API , Database API: https://cde.nlm.nih.gov/api --- NIH Manuscript Submission System (NIHMS) The NIH Public Access Policy requests that researchers funded by NIH submit their final, peer-reviewed manuscripts, which have been accepted for publication, to PubMed Central 17312-79-7 - MYUGNKWRNJTZRU-UHFFFAOYSA-N - 4,5-Dimethylundecane - Similar structures search, synonyms, formulas, resource links, and other chemical information 466-99-9 - WVLOADHCBXTIJK-YNHQPCIGSA-N - Hydromorphone [INN:BAN] - Similar structures search, synonyms, formulas, resource links, and other chemical information

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RePORTER Project Data. Application_ID: A unique identifier of the project record in the ExPORTER database. Activity: A 3-character code identifying the grant, contract, or intramural activity through which a project is supported.Within each funding mechanism, NIH uses 3-character activity codes (e.g., F32, K08, P01, R01, T32, etc.) to differentiate the wide variety of research-related programs. Free resource for searching and exporting immune epitopes. Includes more than 95% of all published infectious disease, allergy, autoimmune, and transplant epitope data

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Retirement Notification. The NCI PID data portal has been retired. PID data are now available for the research community via the NDEx database, hosted by the Ideker Lab at the UC San Diego School of Medicine. To access PID files click start now and on the public server welcome page type nci in the search box GenBank Overview What is GenBank? GenBank ® is the NIH genetic sequence database, an annotated collection of all publicly available DNA sequences (Nucleic Acids Research, 2013 Jan;41(D1):D36-42).GenBank is part of the International Nucleotide Sequence Database Collaboration, which comprises the DNA DataBank of Japan (DDBJ), the European Nucleotide Archive (ENA), and GenBank at NCBI

Assurances. Please note: the fact that the Office for Human Research Protections (OHRP) has approved an institution's assurance does not mean that OHRP has determined that the institution is complying with the requirements of the Department of Health and Human Services (HHS) Protection of Human Subjects regulations, 45 CFR part 46.It means that an institution has submitted all of the. The database provides NIH staff the ability to review NIH DoAs. In addition, Institutes and Centers (ICs) maintain their respective delegations and redelegations within the database. Purpose of the System. The DoA system was designed to manage and maintain NIH-level Delegations The COVID-19 outbreak is a rapidly evolving situation. CDC health information NIH research information. U.S. Department of Health and Human Services; National Institutes of Healt The NLM Drug Information Portal gives users a gateway to selected drug information from the National Library of Medicine and other key government agencies. More than 49,000 drugs can be searched DTP Databases and Search Tools Search DTP Screening Data. Search for all data for compounds; In Vivo screening summary data; Browse cancer screening data (September 2014 release

Since 2013, the NIH NeuroBioBank has catalyzed scientific discovery through the centralization of resources aimed at the collection and distribution of human post-mortem brain tissue. Our networked brain and tissue repositories distribute thousands of samples per year to the research community studying neurological, developmental, and psychiatric disorders ChestX-ray8: Hospital-scale Chest X-ray Database and Benchmarks on Weakly-Supervised Classification and Localization of Common Thorax Diseases. IEEE CVPR 2017, ChestX-ray8Hospital-ScaleChestCVPR2017_paper.pdf. NIH News release: NIH Clinical Center provides one of the largest publicly available chest x-ray datasets to scientific communit

Unit Conversions. In May 2016, the U.S. Food and Drug Administration (FDA) announced regulations that require amendments to the existing supplement facts label, which uses units and conversions based on the 1968 Recommended Daily Allowances (RDA) Projects from government & private funders on health quality, cost, access, disparities from the U.S. National Library of Medicin An international group of clinicians working in the field of dysmorphology has initiated the standardization of terms used to describe human morphology Database sets may be retrieved automatically with update_blastdb.pl, which is part of the BLAST+ suite. Please refer to the BLAST database documentation for more details. The NCBI makes searchable collection of position-specific scoring matrices that can be used for sensitive protein and translated nucleotide searches Signature Database: SignatureDB (Excel) (newly updated; as of 03/09/2020) SignatureDB (Excel) (as of 02/14/2018) SignatureDB annotation (Excel) National Institutes of Health | National Cancer Institute Center for Cancer Research | Lymphoid Malignancies Branch.

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For latest announcements, please visit the PubChem News page.. PubChem is an open chemistry database at the National Institutes of Health (NIH).. Open means that you can put your scientific data in PubChem and that others may use it. Since the launch in 2004, PubChem has become a key chemical information resource for scientists, students, and the general public Learning Resources Database COVID-19 is an emerging, rapidly evolving situation. Get the latest public health information from CDC: https://www.coronavirus.go Search a database containing the bibliographic citations of all five printed series of the Index-Catalogue of the Library of the Surgeon General's Office; with direct access to the NLM online catalog, LocatorPlus.It also contains eTK for citations to medieval Latin texts and eVK2 for medieval English text Disaster Lit: Database for Disaster Medicine and Public Health is the National Library of Medicine (NLM) database of links to disaster medicine and public health documents available on the Internet at no cost. Documents include expert guidelines, research reports, conference proceedings, training classes, fact sheets, websites, databases, and similar materials for a professional audience

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WISER is a system designed to assist emergency responders in hazardous material incidents. WISER provides a wide range of information on hazardous substances, including substance identification support, physical characteristics, human health information, and containment and suppression advice NIH SACNAS (Society for the Advancement of Chicanos/Hispanics and Native Americans in Science) Chapter Virtual Lunch . Nov 05, 2020 12:00 pm Search the Alumni Database. Find former NIH trainees at the school you are hoping to attend or the company where you hope to work; reestablish old connections NIH Celebrates National Hispanic Heritage Month. Explore the experiences, contributions, and messages of encouragement from Hispanics and Latinos at the National Institutes of Health who are supporting the fight against COVID-19. The NIH Celebrates: National Work and Family Month

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The Common Fund's Genotype-Tissue Expression (GTEx) Program established a data resource and tissue bank to study the relationship between genetic variants (inherited changes in DNA sequence) and gene expression (how genes are turned on and off) in multiple human tissues and across individuals.GTEx is also examining how gene expression varies between male and female Welcome to the National Biomedical Imaging Archive (NBIA). NBIA is a searchable repository of in vivo images that provides the biomedical research community, industry, and academia with access to image archives to be used in the development and validation of analytical software tools that support An NCI database that contains the latest information about cancer treatment, screening, prevention, genetics, supportive care, and complementary and alternative medicine, plus drug information and a dictionary of cancer terms


The Basic Local Alignment Search Tool (BLAST) finds regions of local similarity between sequences. The program compares nucleotide or protein sequences to sequence databases and calculates the statistical significance of matches. BLAST can be used to infer functional and evolutionary relationships between sequences as well as help identify members of gene families The Global Unique Device Identification Database (GUDID) contains key device identification information submitted to the FDA about medical devices that have Unique Device Identifiers (UDI).. The FDA is establishing the unique device identification system to adequately identify devices sold in the U.S.- from manufacturing through distribution to patient use Learn about PubChem chemical database, browse or search the documentation and find PubChem staff contact information Your World RePORT session has expired. If you wish to continue using World RePORT, please click Refresh to re-authenticate and refresh your dashboard Search by words in title, description, PDB, EMDB, and PubChem IDs; remove the 3DPX- when searching by Model ID

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caNanoLab is a data sharing portal designed to facilitate information sharing in the biomedical nanotechnology research community to expedite and validate the use of. Overview: To advance science and improve human health, NIH makes the peer-reviewed articles it funds publicly available on PubMed Central.The NIH public access policy requires scientists to submit final peer-reviewed journal manuscripts that arise from NIH funds to PubMed Central immediately upon acceptance for publication.mor The goal of the Mammalian Gene Collection (MGC), a trans-NIH initiative, is to provide full-length open reading frame (FL-ORF) clones for human, mouse, and rat genes. In 2005, the project added the cow cDNAs generated by Genome Canada. Initially, cDNA libraries provided the source of the clones. Recently, alternative methods based on gene-specific amplification have been developed to target.

The CEDCD is a searchable database that contains general study information (e.g., eligibility criteria and size), the type of data collected at baseline, cancer sites, number of participants diagnosed with cancer, and biospecimen information. All data included in this database are aggregated for each cohort; there are no individual level data Learn about the side effects, dosages, and interactions of prescription drugs, over-the-counter medicines, herbs, and supplements On January 29, 2021 the National Library of Medicine's Pillbox program will be retired. This includes the Pillbox drug identification and search websites as well as production of the Pillbox dataset, image library, and application programming interfaces (APIs) Nucleic Acids Res. 2006 Jan 1;34(Database issue):D668-72. 16381955 The API can be accessed by clients through the Interaction RESTful web services . (The SOAP web services have been deprecated as of July 2019 and were terminated in January 2020.

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